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Welcome to the QK VLE. You can now create and update your work from anywhere in the world using this site. You can also access a range of fantastic resources for learning and revision like GCSEpod, The Day, Channel 4 Clipbank and SAM learning.

  • If you have any concerns about the behaviour of others on the VLE then please fill in this form and we will look into it for you. Remember that everything you do on the VLE is recorded by QK. If you have any concerns about behaviour of people outside of the VLE visit ‘ think you know?’.

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Headteacher’s Message 24.04.15

All those revising for examinations should have a look at the QK youtube channel which has a number of short videos on revision/study skills. With Ramadan starting even earlier this year all examinations are over in mid-June. It is going to be all over before we know it. Well done to all students who came in and did so much work over the break. The atmosphere around the school is great, it is so important they all receive a lot of encouragement at home. All students revising for external exams should have a new revision timetable each week. For more advice have a look at this.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the QK Story event on Thursday night and a big thank you to Mr Lister for all his work. I am sure there will be more details next week.

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Year 7 Inter Form Competition

Year 7 Inter Form Competition

Pilot inter form football competition begins with Year 7s. Teams from each Tutor group will play against each other to determine which tutor group will be crowned champions and presented with trophy and medals as well as bragging rights!!!! We urge all staff to come along and cheer on the participants next week.


The dates for the competition are Wednesday 29th April for group 1, QUTN and Thursday 30th April for Group 2 KYSA.  The semi-finals and finals will be held on Friday 1st May. The games will be played in the sports hall and will begin at 12:50.

Headteacher’s Message 02.04.15

Three months ago we had yet to move in and many members of staff, and almost all the students, had yet to see the new building. Schools move at such a pace it is really important to step back and consider everything that has been done and achieved. So much work has been done this term. Although our new building needs to look more like a home it does feel like one, and the old building feels like a very long time ago. The majority of it is now demolished and much is planned for over the break.

All students in years 10 to 13 have external examinations in the summer. It is important to use this time productively and all the resources available. Families, please ensure they do. There is still time to make a difference.

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Mobile App Club

We’re starting a new Mobile App Club for students who are interested in learning how to design their own mobile apps, on a number of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.).

We’re opening applications to Year 9 only at this stage. Based on the success of the Year 7/8 Computing Club, we expect a lot of entries, so make sure you stand out! Be positive and explain yourself clearly. Click the big red button to apply now.

We’ll look at applications over the Easter break and get back to you shortly after we come back.Mobile App Club

Headteacher’s Message 27.03.15

This was an extremely significant week in the history of our school. The official opening event was extremely well attended and highly enjoyable. It was wonderful to see so many former members of staff, representatives from other schools and our partners.

The Building Schools for the Future programme has been going for a long time. The Project Initiation Document was October 2003 with an initial plan for £12million refurbishment to the £26million for a complete rebuild. In addition to myself there were three speakers at the event, Patrick Lees (chair of governors), Nicolas Ramilion (operation director at Bouygues who also sponsored the event) and Sir Edward Studd. The latter is the grandson of Sir John Edward Kynaston Studd, from where we get half of our name. When our website is ready we will have all the images and text of the speeches. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to such a successful evening.



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London Schools Hydrogen Challenge

Last Friday we entered a team into the London Schools Hydrogen Challenge at City Hall. The 3 students, Eris Ejupi, Kosta Kostic and Montazar Alshawi had to build and race Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lego cars.

The afternoon consisted of a design, build and testing session, followed by an award ceremony overlooking Tower Bridge and the Shard. The boys were very focused and worked extremely well together as a team. Although they didn’t win the competition the boys came away with some incredible experience and have promised to come back and win it next year!

Eris Ejupi The trip was very fun, although we did not get first place we did have a huge amount of fun, especially at the ceremony. 9th out of 33 teams is great and we extremely appreciated being invited. Hopefully next time we come first!

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Year 9 2015 Official Options Form

Welcome to choosing your GCSE option subjects.

When filling out this form please have the KS4 Curriculum booklet with you. In particular please ensure you are familiar with pages 3 and 4 regarding what subjects you can choose..
This form will be printed for your parents to sign and confirm at Parents evening.

Your qkacademy.net username will be recorded when you submit this form.

Headteacher’s Message 20.03.15

Wednesday was one of the best days I can remember from my time at QK. As the piece on the right shows sixth formers were treated to talks from a marketing guru, TV writer, leaders from industry and their respective fields as well as talks from each other for their EPQ. Beyond this there was preparation for year 10 work experience, the year 7 Mini Olympics and years 8 and 9 focusing on safer communities. Finally, following Tuesday’s special assembly from Action Jackson (encouraging students to ‘Shut Up and Take Action’) was the sight of year 11 seriously knuckling down and getting their head around the task ahead. It is one thing to recognise there is much to be done, it is another to have a strategy to tackle it and the resilience to begin.

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