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Welcome to the QK VLE. You can now create and update your work from anywhere in the world using this site. You can also access a range of fantastic resources for learning and revision like GCSEpod, The Day, Channel 4 Clipbank and SAM learning.

  • If you have any concerns about the behaviour of others on the VLE then please fill in this form and we will look into it for you. Remember that everything you do on the VLE is recorded by QK. If you have any concerns about behaviour of people outside of the VLE visit ‘ think you know?’.

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Headteacher’s Message 22.05.15

The plan remains for students to move up a year group on Monday 15th June. For the current Year 9 their ties will be dark blue as they move into Year 10 rather than light blue and they will start GCSE courses in two of their optional subjects. For the current Year 10 they will start their new courses as Year 11 wiser from this year’s experience.

The beginning of a new school year is a time for students to consider new aspirations and raise the bar on what they might achieve. Over time I want our students to work harder and take increasing responsibility for their own learning. There are many who do that now but it is not yet ingrained in our culture. Many students will have plenty of work to do over the summer, it will be a test of their personal motivation and resilience to see how well it is done.

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Healthy Eating Week

We are launching QK’s first Healthy Eating Week!

It falls nicely in time with Sports day and students are invited to take a conscious choice, about the food and drink they have whilst it’s hot, to stay healthy and hydrated.

The first 600 KS3 students and staff, to pay £1 on ParentPay, will be given a Sports Day Healthy Eating Kit, including 1 QK branded water bottle and 2 snacks.

Get involved today!


Headteacher’s Message 15.05.15

I made a brief visit to Stubbers this morning to see how the year 7’s were getting on. Both our staff and those from the centre were very complimentary about how well our students had behaved and coped with the conditions. The word ‘resilience’ came up a lot as staff described how our students performed with a full day of rain while doing activities like rock climbing and kayaking. Hopefully the same residential can run for the new year 7 in October.

Thank you to all parents with children in year 6 who attending the evening last Thursday. It was wonderful to see the auditorium so full with 350 seats taken. We are easily full for September with improved numbers from almost all our main feeder primary schools.

All parents/carers should be aware that the QK Bus will no longer run from September. It was introduced when the BSF programme started, and now it is due to come to a close in 2015 it is something we will no longer offer. Please ensure your child has an oyster card for the new academic year if they do not have one.

Alex Atherton

Headteacher’s Message 08.05.15

The four main weeks of external examinations are about to begin. Good luck to everyone. It is easy to see how much our students want success. Our values of Aspiration – Resilience – Community apply so much at this time. So many of our students are so close to success; it is so important to keep going and look out for each other.

There is one key thing I want to emphasise, students need to keep attending their lessons and not take themselves out of school to revise. This is an aspect of our culture at QK we need to leave behind. We will adapt the timetable so that students get additional revision classes immediately in advance of examinations and students need to be here to benefit. If we are to make a serious break through this year, attendance needs to hold up.

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Headteacher’s Message 01.05.15

This week’s QK News gives you a strong sense of our extra-curricular work with reports from three wonderful events. It comes in the same week as the vast majority of Year 8 students are out at Stubbers Adventure Centre in Essex on an outdoor adventure residential, Year 7 will soon follow. I do not remember ever before arriving back at school from an external meeting to be told by a Year 8 that he had driven a Range Rover the previous day. Developing the curriculum is going to be a significant priority for some time to come.

I have been so impressed by all the students preparing for their final examinations. Ramadan is particularly early this year and the whole season is finished by the middle of June, leading to a more compressed examination period. The school has been a hive of activity at all hours. I have seen students arriving to finish coursework at 7am and still here many hours after school. Many students have a different look in their eyes, they really want this.

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QK Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Following the tragic events that have happened in Nepal, Quintin Kynaston has set up an earthquake appeal.

Over the coming weeks fundraising events will take place to raise money to support all those who have been effected by this event. This Friday the year 9 students will be holding a bake sales at break time in the diner.

Please click on the attached link to donate  



Headteacher’s Message 24.04.15

All those revising for examinations should have a look at the QK youtube channel which has a number of short videos on revision/study skills. With Ramadan starting even earlier this year all examinations are over in mid-June. It is going to be all over before we know it. Well done to all students who came in and did so much work over the break. The atmosphere around the school is great, it is so important they all receive a lot of encouragement at home. All students revising for external exams should have a new revision timetable each week. For more advice have a look at this.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the QK Story event on Thursday night and a big thank you to Mr Lister for all his work. I am sure there will be more details next week.

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Year 7 Inter Form Competition

Year 7 Inter Form Competition

Pilot inter form football competition begins with Year 7s. Teams from each Tutor group will play against each other to determine which tutor group will be crowned champions and presented with trophy and medals as well as bragging rights!!!! We urge all staff to come along and cheer on the participants next week.


The dates for the competition are Wednesday 29th April for group 1, QUTN and Thursday 30th April for Group 2 KYSA.  The semi-finals and finals will be held on Friday 1st May. The games will be played in the sports hall and will begin at 12:50.