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Welcome to the QK VLE. You can now create and update your work from anywhere in the world using this site. You can also access a range of fantastic resources for learning and revision like GCSEpod, The Day, Channel 4 Clipbank and SAM learning.

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Headteacher’s Message 17.07.15

The final QK News of the year and what a year it has been. So much achieved, so much still to do. I believe that QK is a much better school at the end of the year than it was at the start. August will show how much progress we have made in terms of examination results but I am looking forward to September already.

QK News will still appear in the new year but we have a new website and will explore our new options for communication. Please go to www.qk.org.uk it goes live today and will be developed further before September.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer. The vast majority of you will be celebrating Eid as this goes out and I hope you have a great time with your families.

Alex Atherton

Headteacher’s Message 03.07.15

The UCAS application process started this week with a series of events in school culminating in a very well attended meeting for parents in the evening. Interest in the process is clearly high, as it should be. We had speakers from Cambridge, Brunel and Anglia Ruskin Universities amongst others in attendance, all of whom were very impressed with our Year 12 students.

When I attended a session earlier in the day it became apparent that only a small proportion of students plan to visit all the universities they intend to include on their form. Going to university costs a lot more than it used to, but remains a very sound investment. As a ‘purchase’ it is one of the most significant that anyone will ever make. Our students are unlikely to pay a lot of money for a car or flat they have never seen, the same should apply with any university. If they don’t go, they won’t know whether it is the right place. Every university on the form could be their final destination. Plenty of time this summer to visit and get a feeling for how life will be.

Two things for parents to note

  1. Term will finish on Friday 17th July at 12.30pm. I recognise it is Eid so attendance is likely to be low in any case.
  2. The screening operation I referred to in my letter home a few weeks ago took place on Tuesday. It was very efficiently run and there were no issues as a result.

Alex Atherton

Headteacher’s Message 26.06.15

There are two very significant transition events in the coming days.

The first is headstart day for the new Year 7s arriving in September, such an important step in the move from primary to secondary school. In my experience parents can find this a lot more difficult than their children and our support takes this into account. I am really looking forward to welcoming them as the first Year 7 to start life in the new building.

The second is transition week for the new Year 12s. We have had an impressive number of applications from students from other schools and we are on course to have our largest ever sixth form in September, with a far higher proportion of students taking A levels. Sixth form is a great time in anyone’s education and we want our students to understand our expectations. There are only eighteen months between this event and the UCAS deadline. If the process of what happens beyond QK has not started already, and it will start with the new Year 7 on headstart day, it must start with the year 12s straight away. Be aspirational!

Alex Atherton


Headteacher’s Message 19.06.15

Preparing for the early promotion of the timetable has been a great deal of work for all those concerned, to say the very least, but it has been an absolutely brilliant week. Punctuality to school and also to lessons was already good but has been even better, and behaviour further improved. It is very clear to me that there has been a step up in aspirations. It has been wonderful to see students in the new year 10 and 11 really get stuck into their new GCSE courses and all those taking examinations do so with the utmost seriousness. Hundreds of QK students are fasting for Ramadan, and have adapted to their change of routine extremely well.

QK students, you have been seriously impressive this week. I can already see how September will be, and know that next year is going to be brilliant.

Alex Atherton

Headteacher’s Message 12.06.15

The vast majority of examinations have finished and everyone is waiting for the new academic year to start next Monday. A letter has been given today to all students in years 7 to 10 and will go to year 12 (or year 13 as they will be next week) on Monday. Please ensure you read it carefully.

I am delighted to inform you that we now have formal planning permission for the sixth form centre. By the end of this calendar year this building, along with the external grounds and the astroturf MUGA area will be completed. Along with the additional display boards it will provide a very different feel to the school, even more so than now.


Ramadan begins next week. I know this means a lot of students will be tired in class in the first few days in particular. As it is summer please ensure your child does not come to school wearing vests and jumpers that make them too hot if they cannot drink during the day.

Alex Atherton

Headteacher’s Message 05.06.15

Yesterday was one of those days where everything seemed to work. At the start of the day was another example of how seriously our year 11s have taken their exams as they all gathered in the auditorium for final revision before maths. Sixth formers were scattered all over the school fully engaged in their revision. Year 10 had a special enrichment day with Action Jackson’s Fix Up Team which inspired them and gave them much to think about. The atmosphere for the barbecue at lunch was just fantastic. I am really looking forward to this year group becoming year 11 and playing a bigger leadership role in the school.

On top of all of that was a magnificent Sports Day for years 7 to 9. I was really impressed with the engagement and enthusiasm last year, but this was a further step up. Watching hundreds of students in QK PE uniform participating and competing so well was wonderful to see. Congratulations to the winning tutor groups, and well done to all those involve. A big thank you to the PE department for such a well organised event.

I will write home via student post before the end of the week about aspirations and expectations for all students moving up a year group on June 15th. Please ensure you ask your child for the letter.

Alex Atherton

Westminster Mile

A big well done to the following 10 students for participating in the Westminster mile. We were the best representatives of all Westminster schools,

Maryum Begum 7N – Haroon Abdulahi 7T – Adam Elfakih 7Y – Mowafaq El Shash – Benjamin Mardel 8U  Sufiyan Charkaoui 8U – Wali Wadi 8U – Fawzia Rasul 8N – Albin Muzaci 8U – Mohamed Fablebari 12A

A special mention to Ben Mardel (Y8) who finished 18th in his age category in a time of exactly 6 minutes. The students also enjoyed meeting British athletics legend Steve Cram.

IMG_2212 IMG_2210 IMG_2208 IMG_2206