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Headteacher’s Message 27.03.15

This was an extremely significant week in the history of our school. The official opening event was extremely well attended and highly enjoyable. It was wonderful to see so many former members of staff, representatives from other schools and our partners.

The Building Schools for the Future programme has been going for a long time. The Project Initiation Document was October 2003 with an initial plan for £12million refurbishment to the £26million for a complete rebuild. In addition to myself there were three speakers at the event, Patrick Lees (chair of governors), Nicolas Ramilion (operation director at Bouygues who also sponsored the event) and Sir Edward Studd. The latter is the grandson of Sir John Edward Kynaston Studd, from where we get half of our name. When our website is ready we will have all the images and text of the speeches. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to such a successful evening.



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London Schools Hydrogen Challenge

Last Friday we entered a team into the London Schools Hydrogen Challenge at City Hall. The 3 students, Eris Ejupi, Kosta Kostic and Montazar Alshawi had to build and race Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lego cars.

The afternoon consisted of a design, build and testing session, followed by an award ceremony overlooking Tower Bridge and the Shard. The boys were very focused and worked extremely well together as a team. Although they didn’t win the competition the boys came away with some incredible experience and have promised to come back and win it next year!

Eris Ejupi The trip was very fun, although we did not get first place we did have a huge amount of fun, especially at the ceremony. 9th out of 33 teams is great and we extremely appreciated being invited. Hopefully next time we come first!

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Year 9 2015 Official Options Form

Welcome to choosing your GCSE option subjects.

When filling out this form please have the KS4 Curriculum booklet with you. In particular please ensure you are familiar with pages 3 and 4 regarding what subjects you can choose..
This form will be printed for your parents to sign and confirm at Parents evening.

Your qkacademy.net username will be recorded when you submit this form.

Headteacher’s Message 20.03.15

Wednesday was one of the best days I can remember from my time at QK. As the piece on the right shows sixth formers were treated to talks from a marketing guru, TV writer, leaders from industry and their respective fields as well as talks from each other for their EPQ. Beyond this there was preparation for year 10 work experience, the year 7 Mini Olympics and years 8 and 9 focusing on safer communities. Finally, following Tuesday’s special assembly from Action Jackson (encouraging students to ‘Shut Up and Take Action’) was the sight of year 11 seriously knuckling down and getting their head around the task ahead. It is one thing to recognise there is much to be done, it is another to have a strategy to tackle it and the resilience to begin.

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Headteacher’s Message 13.03.15

It was a real pleasure to see our new facilities being used in such productive ways this week. There was a proper sense of an event about the basketball game on Wednesday night. It helped that our team played so well and won convincingly but they had great support and worked so hard for each other. Aspiration, Resilience and Community were all on show. Thank you to Coach Jack and Greenhouse for what they have done for those students, unrecognisable in their play from the last time I saw them.

Another occasion was for options evening, where the lecture theatre was filled several times for the main talk and the auditorium was turned into a marketplace for discussions between students, families and departments. It was a really productive evening. It was impressive to see how seriously year 9s are taking the process. June 15th, the start of the new academic year, is not far away.

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Computing Club is Back!

Yes, we’re back! Computing Club for year 7 and year 8 returns. Applications are now live… 

Computing Club is a lunch-time and after-school activity for students to learn games programming, with like-minded individuals. So if you’re a gamer and have always fancied creating a video game of your own, this is your opportunity to get involved in something truly creative.

Be sure to get your applications completed and submitted by Wednesday 25th March. We’ll let you know on Friday 27th March, if your application was successful or not.


American School in London Quiz Bowl

Year 13s from QK participated in the annual Quiz Bowl at the ASL along with ACS Cobham, Ursuline Convent, Latymer Upper School, St. Michael’s and Mossbourne Academy. The following is a report by head boy, Mohamed A.

QK Sixth Form hit the ground running winning our first for games, then got beaten by Mossbourne (thanks to a quick on the buzzer round from them). On to Latymer where we weren’t that confident but sped up thanks to a ‘blitz’ round from Mark. Luke broke the buzzer in the same round, won on a tie break. We finished the preliminaries with a 5-2 record, so were drawn as the third seed on point difference. We decided to go against Latymer in the semis. The fact is that the questions were more biased towards Classics, so we were at a disadvantage and lost. However we won the 3rd/4th place play-off convincingly. Strong performance overall from the team.

qk quiz

Congratulations to the participants, Mark P, Luke L, Wenni Y, Mohamed A. and Roden D. Thank you to the tireless supporters Tierney F and Linford L. Thank you also to the photographs by Evin A.

Headteacher’s Message 06.03.15

Options Evening is next week for year 9, a key event in any school calendar. The format is different to last year, with a ‘marketplace’ for students and families to gain a lot of information from departments about all the courses and potential career implications.

Although I like students having choice, and the breadth of choice at QK is very good, I am not keen on the concept that fourteen year olds should have a really good idea of what they want to do in life at this stage. There is plenty of time after GCSEs, A levels, degrees to consider everything (and then change your mind ten years later if you want). There is a lot to be said for keeping options open, not feeling the pressure to specialise and doing students picking courses they like and feel confident of success.

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