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Welcome to the QK VLE. You can now create and update your work from anywhere in the world using this site. You can also access a range of fantastic resources for learning and revision like GCSEpod, The Day, Channel 4 Clipbank and SAM learning.

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Headteacher’s Message 12.09.14

I am absolutely delighted with the start of term this year. There has been a very noticeable change in attitudes to learning and desire for success. It is palpable on the gate in the morning and when going round the school during the day. As things stand, something has definitely clicked into place. New lunchtime arrangements are working well.

qk news pic

The first QK sign is now up on the new building on the Marlborough Hill side, a very exciting development.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award application

To apply for the Duke of Edinburgh award 2014-2015 please click this link to download a copy of the application form. The Duke of Edinburgh Award helps develop team working, communication and leadership skills, whilst introducing young people to new and challenging experiences.

photo 1Canal walkDofE Pic 1pic 2DofE Logo DGY

This can be emailed to Mr D Garvey or printed out and handed to a member of the PE department. 

Headteacher’s Message 18.07.14

Unbelievably this is the end of the school year. Cross curricular week, activities day, year 9 NRA and year 10 graduation have all come and gone, the crane is leaving the site of the new building and the summer holidays are here.

I would like to thank all members of staff for their work over the year, and wish all those moving on good luck. QK is fully staffed for September.

Next term starts for year 7 on Tuesday 2nd September and for everyone else at 8.50am on Wednesday 3rd September in tutor rooms. Early finishes on Wednesday and split lunches start immediately. From Thursday 4th September the day starts with lessons and not tutor time. Please ensure you have read the uniform expectations and that your child is ready.

Good luck to everyone waiting for their exam results in August.

Thank you for all your support this academic year. I wish you and your families a happy and safe summer.

Alex Atherton

Headteacher’s Message 11.07.14

The visit to the new building last week has prompted me to think more about the vision for QK and how this will be expressed around the site. The move is a fantastic opportunity to reconsider the feel of our school and what we want the ethos to be.

This was explored more in the INSET day on Monday about what we want from our future curriculum. A number of key questions were asked, including ‘what are our values?’ In my experience no question provokes a more interesting debate. Are we more interested in ‘aspiration’ rather than ‘achievement’? Do we want new students and families to join a QK ‘family’ or QK ‘community’ and when that choice is made what kind of ‘family/community’ do we want it to be? The word respect always come up on these occasions; there can be a lot of common ground until the discussion begins about a definition and who should be respecting whom conditionally or not ? More on this to come in the months ahead. I do think it is really important to have a small group of core values that bind everyone together in our diverse community, including staff, governors and families, and not something which is just another set of rules for students.

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Oxford University Open Day for Year 12 students

On Wednesday 2nd July eight aspirational Year 12 students went to Oxford to find out more about the admissions process.

First stop was the Churchill Hospital where students met Professor Ashley Grossman, a world expert in Diabetes and Endocrinology. He gave a personal tour of the clinic, wards and laboratories. Next, the students listened intently to Doctor Mike Froggatt at Wadham College who described the applications system and then our students went to various subject talks in Social Sciences, Philosophy, Medicine, Maths and Economics, which were in turn daunting and amazing.

oxford uni day

The weather was beautiful and our students really enjoyed visiting other colleges including Balliol and Magdalene. Well done to Usama, Norah, Zack, Omar, Nima, Salman, Yungie and Mohamed.

Jack Petchey Award Update

Our six Jack Petchey Award winners were delighted to be able to put their reward money back into the school, thank-you to colleagues who sent through their ‘spend ideas’. The students chose to support the projects shown below:

Siddarth Rathod (8U) – Sid chose to spend his £200 reward on new costumes for the Drama department, this will support their Autumn term shows and maybe enable more students to participate.

Anisa Gjyshinca (9U) – Anisa chose to spend her £200  reward on buying four brand new 3-man tents so the school can extend its Duke of Edinburgh programme.

Sema Abas (11U)  - Sema chose to spend her £200 reward on walking boots for the Duke of Edinburgh programme – the school will now have a bank of walking boots to lend to students so they can partake in expeditions at a lower cost.

Usama Yusuf (12S) – Usama chose to spend his £200 reward on new Trangia cooking stoves so the school can extend its Duke of Edinburgh programme and involve more students with the award.

Mohammad Shika (8S) – Mohammad has chosen to spend his £200 reward money on a new football kit for the school’s U14 girls football team.

Faraaz Razak (8S) – Faraaz chose to buy a portable music box so that the Performing Arts and PE department can set-up a new dance club at school.

The winners will now attend an awards ceremony in January 2015 so their achievements can be celebrated formally. Last year’s winners are shown below…


Headteacher’s Message 03.07.14

I visited the new building this week for the first time in three months. It is really taking shape and at the point where it is possible to imagine what life will be like. A sample classroom has now been completed, with carpet, soundproof windows and paint. There is a real sense of the high quality environment we are going to enjoy. Over 150 people are currently working on site to make it all happen, installing cables and light fittings, connecting services such as electricity and water and many other jobs. It no longer feels like a concrete shell, particularly from the outside where some elements are all but finished. The crane will leave the site by the end of term. There will be many opportunities for inspirational display and a very large canvas to fill. In the photograph below are the steps which lead from the main entrance on Marlborough Hill. I’m in the picture along with Mr Williams and three new senior members of staff who will be joining us in September. As of today QK is fully staffed for September which is a great position to be in.

pic 1

Finally, as things stand the school will be closed on Thursday July 10th due to industrial action. If the situation changes I will ensure you are immediately informed.

Alex Atherton

Duke of Edinburgh Weekend

Congratulations to the QK DofE students for successfully completing their qualifying expedition this weekend.

The 32 students involved were a credit to the school. The Duke of Edinburgh assessor complimented all 5 groups for their technical navigation and campcraft skills and also for the social skills they demonstrated throughout the assessment weekend. 

DofE Pic 1photo 2photo 1

Feel free to ask the students about their experiences.

‘The Spartans’

Lorik Morina 12A Mo Sghaier 12k Usama Yusef 12S 

Mohamed Abdelrhman 12T Saeed Adan 12K

‘The All Nighters’

Ali Osman 12A Salman Uddin 12S Nick Esmaily 12A

Jordan Landu 12T Saif Uddin 12K Josef Pell 12T

‘Pretty Stuff’

Zack Lewis Griffiths 12S Mark Paul 12A Tierney Faucher 12A 

Michaela King 12K Tasnia Uddin 12T Wassan Saleem 10U

Naeem Williams 10U

‘Girl Power’

Yassmine Boukaddour 10Q Albina Muzaci 10A Salma Yusef 10A

Mersadie Cooke 10Q Haneen Sakhi 10T Greis Kula 10Q

Negar Bakhtiari 10A

‘The Hitchhikers’

Tudor Simmons 10S Cameron Snow 10S Mohamed Hammeda 10T

Billy Miller 10Q Zak Khiar 10U Stephen Gracia Jones 10U

Adam Abbas 10Q

Our DofE students are nearing the completion of their skill, volunteering, physical and expedition sections. To achieve the award students are finalising their presentations which they hope to present to senior management in 2 weeks.

Mr Garvey

QK Annual Sports Dinner

Congratulations to the 2014 QK Sports award winners

Boys Basketball outstanding contribution: Hussam 9A  
Boys Basketball star performer award: Omar 8Q
Girls Basketball outstanding contribution: Sama 9A  
Girls Basketball star performer award: Nita 9Y
Cricket team outstanding contribution: Moheidyne 8T
Cricket team star performer award: Faraaz 8S
Year 7 Boys Football, Outstanding contribution: Ali Abdulla 7Q
Year 7 Boys Football, Star Performer:  Albin 7U
Year 8 Boys Football, Outstanding contribution: Ayyoub C 8Y
Year 8 Boys Football, Star Performer:  Hamza 8N
Year 9 Boys Football, Outstanding contribution: Alfie 9A
Year 9 Boys Football, Star Performer: Arber 9T  
Year 10 Boys Football, Outstanding contribution: Orion 10Q  
Year 10 Boys Football, Star Performer: Isaac 10U   
Year 11 Boys Football, Outstanding contribution: Rinor 11U  
Year 11 Boys Football, Star Performer: Mohammed 11N  
Girls Football, Outstanding contribution: Muna 9K
Girls Football, Star Performer: Ikram 9Q  
Table tennis club, Outstanding contribution: Hadi 8Y
Table tennis club, Star Performer: Sufiyan 7U  
Handball club, Outstanding contribution: Mohamed H 10T
Handball club, Star Performer: Said 10A
Tennis club, Outstanding contribution: Lorrin 7Q
Tennis club, Star Performer: Isidore 8Y
Athletics Club, Outstanding contribution: Fawzia 7N
Athletics Club, Star Performer: Elyas 9K
Team of the Year: QK Cricket team
Sports Leaders awards: Anisa 9U, Dillan 9S, Saeed 8A
DofE outstanding contribution award: Haneen 10T
Winner of QK Student poll: Mohamed H 10T

 Sports leaders dinner 2014 141Sports leaders dinner 2014 074Sports leaders dinner 2014 143

QK Inspiration awards

Year 7: Sufiyan 7U, Fawzia 7N
Year 8: Yasmin 8Y, Ayub K 8S
Year 9: Sama 9A, Parvas 9T
Year 10: Daniel 10N, Catherine 10T
Year 11: Vika 11S, Rinor 11       
Sixth form: Sophia 12S, Melos 12T
Sports leaders dinner 2014 067Sports leaders dinner 2014 126

 Click here to see a video of Coach Maitland’s inspirational speech