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Welcome to the QK VLE. You can now create and update your work from anywhere in the world using this site. You can also access a range of fantastic resources for learning and revision like GCSEpod, The Day, Channel 4 Clipbank and SAM learning.

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Computing Club

As you may have heard in assembly, we’re starting a Computing Club for budding games developers. On Thursday evenings after half-term, you’ll get the opportunity to design and develop your own computer games.


If you have an interest in programming, whether you’re a complete beginner or advanced coder, this is your chance to get involved.

To join the Computing Club, you’ll need to apply here. Places are limited, so please get your applications in before we break up for half-term!

The Computing Club is open to years 7, 8 and 9 only. We look forward to seeing you next term!

Headteacher’s Message 17.10.14

Just in case my letter attached to the front of the OFSTED report did not make it home, it is included again here. Our report is on the OFSTED website.

The overall judgement is ‘requires improvement’. The main reason for this is our examination results which, particularly in year 11, are not yet high enough across the full range of subjects. QK’s examination results at year 11 have been very similar for a number of years, in which time the national average has continued to go up beyond our results. This is the most significant priority for improvement.

Beyond the overall judgement there is much better news. Three out of the five individual judgements were ‘good’; leadership and management, behaviour and safety and the sixth form. The report contains a lot of detail about recent improvements, particularly with student behaviour, but said it was ‘too early’ to see the full impact of planned changes. There are many positive comments and inspectors were very clear that QK is going in the right direction.

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Space Design Competition

On 12th October, 11 Y10-13 and 8 Y9 students entered the UK Space Design Competition, which took place at Westminster Academy. This competition was a space industry simulation challenge to design a space settlement for up to 10,000 inhabitants

Year 9 were impressive in their resilience and exemplary behaviour during a difficult competition. They showed great leadership with two of them being voted for presidency in the group competition.

Year 10-13 students spent a day designing a space settlement for a mining company on an asteroid – Psyche 16.  Throughout the day, they met many challenges but managed to solve the problems with teamwork, diligence and abstract thinking. Some of their designs were highly praised by the examiners.

space design pic1 space design pic2





This is the first time QK has entered the Competition and although they did not win the regional round, they did the school proud learning many skills and with an amazing presentation, it looked like they had been doing it for years.

Huge thanks to Mr Hobbs who organised the teams and offered much support throughout a very long day, and a massive congratulate to the following students that took part, they were amazing!

Wennie Yuan, Wei Jia  He, Yunjie Piao, Roden Derveni, Nick Esmaily, Samin Alnajafi, Yameen El-Essawy, Maiwand Hussain, Zain Cahill, Eilaaf El-Essawy, Arber Gllogjani, Theo Turan, Siddharth Rathod, Abdul Atif, Sophia  McHachti, Ejaz Karim, Shaka Haywood, Ryan Rekkas, Bilguun Batsukh

Duke of Edingburgh Expedition

Well done to the following year 13 students for completing their bronze DofE award this weekend in very challenging conditions.

DoE 1

DoE 2

DoE 3





Kastriot Dumani, Roden Derveni, Tasnia Uddin, Stephanie Adeloye, Lorik Rashica, Asim Behari

These students join the 31 students that have already achieved their bronze award. Details regarding a presentation evening before the end of term will follow. All staff will be welcome to attend this.

DoE 4 DoE 5 DoE 6





We have be inundated with applications for this year’s programme and have closed the application window with 70 students enrolled. If any colleagues would like to support the award and are interested in attending outdoor education CPD please make contact.

QK Ice Bucket Challenge 2014


 QK Ice Bucket Challenge @4.15pm

Friday 17th October 2014

On the Lower School playground

ice 6

You can make a contribution via;

Parent Pay website

Dining Hall tills

(Each hit on the Donate button =£1)

Your local newsagent Pay Point

ice 5

Imagine what going to happen to staff.

Make it worth our while

Give as much as you can & encourage others to take part

Click here for a permission letter


Headteacher’s Message 10.10.14

Thank you for your support for Open Evening. It was wonderful to have so many students helping out, touring parents, asking questions and offering their views. Thank you also for those of you who came because you have a child in year 6, and I hope you enjoyed your brief tour of the new building. I recognise that all current parents would like to see the new building when possible and we will work on it.

You will be pleased to know that our OFSTED report will be out next week. Copies will go home with students on Tuesday and I am told it will be on the OFSTED website on Tuesday morning at the latest. More on that topic next week.

Alex Atherton


Headteacher’s Message 03.10.14

There are many debates in education which continue endlessly.

One of them concerns the role of schools have in preparing students for life, beyond the values and lessons which are learned from home. Another is about what constitutes educating the whole child. My view has always been that we carry a deep responsibility in preparing students for life far beyond their time at school. If all students leave with is a set of examination results, even if they are good results, then we have not done enough.

There have been three activities on this topic this week which I would like to report on. The first is the one day trip to Auschwitz, the former concentration camp from the Second World War in Poland, organised by the Holocaust Education Trust. This was attended by a small group of students and staff. Having been there myself I know it will have left a very deep impression. The second is a government sponsored play on extremism which year 9 students saw this week, attended by representatives from the Home Office and Department for Education. The play tackled some difficult themes which are very prevalent in the press, covering world events of which we are all aware. The third is in the picture below, where Mr McVicar represented QK as a speaker at a prestigious Amnesty International event on Wednesday. This follows the project work which took place last term. If our curriculum is going to inspire our students, it must be relevant to their lives outside, what is discussed in their communities and what they see in the media. This is work I would like us to develop further.

qk pic


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QK Table Tennis

QK Table tennis squad start this year’s competitions with a trip to Bounce: ‘The home of Table tennis’

Bounce London are looking to inspire QK students and offer opportunities to play table tennis.

A highlight for the students was playing on the London 2012 Olympic table.

pic 3pic 2pic 1

The QK table tennis club will be running 3rd October after school. All staff and students interested are welcome!